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Previous Activities / Curriculum Vitae – see our Facebook site for more info since 2014

• Recording music for the Danish movie Fuglene over Sundet and new album release in 2018
• Concerts in jazzclubs and different venues with musicians like Parisien (NL) Paul Harrison (UK)
• Django Reinhardt Festival Cph. with Dorado & Amati Schmitt (F), Tim Kliphuis & Paulus Schäfer (NL)
• Tour in Greenland at Ilulissat, Sisimiut & Nuuk
• Jazzcup Kulturnat Cph
• Vinterjazz concerts

• Tour in Greenland with concerts and workshops in Nuuk
• Copenhagen Jazzfestival ”Django’s Guitar Club”. Shows with different guest stars to present Django’s music.
• Vesterlyng Gypsy Days. Featuring Martin Priesler & Jacob Fischer, Jens, Finn, Michael Dahl, Henrik Mathiassen
• Copenhagen World Music Festival
• Christania Julemarked in the Grå Hal december
• Jazzcup Kulturnat, Copenhagen
• Vinterjazz Festival, Bartof Station Django Project
• International release of new album ”Django Goes North”
• Concerts at jazzclubs and different venues in all of Denmark

• Relase of new album ”Django Goes North”
• Project ”Django’s Guitar Club”. 3 shows at Copenhagen Jazzfestival.
• Vesterlyng Gypsy Days. Anders Blichfelt concert with Jens and Finn.
• Vindinge Kulturcenter
• Gerlev Idrætshøjskole
• Final recording and production of the new album for release in Autumn

• Det Bruunske Pakhus, Fredericia
• Kana Theatrical Centre in Stettin, Poland
• Klaverfabrikken, Hillerød
• Roskilde Jazz Days
• Jever Altstadt festival, Germany
• Musik og Teater, Viborg
• JazzCup, Copenhagen
• Café Bartof, Copenhagen
• Nyhavn, Copenhagen Jazzfestival
• Tango y Vinos, Copenhagen Harbour Festival
• Brøndby Jazzklub
• Herlev Jazzklub
• Rosendal Gods, Fakse

• Jazz Danois Festival at Maison du Danemark & La Taverne de Cluny, Paris
• UK-release of Cafè Django at Quecumbar, London
• Wilhelmshafen Django Festival, Germany
• Stockholm Kulturfestival, Sweden
• Celebration of Django’s 100th anniversary, Tobaksgården in Assens
• Concerts at clubs and venues in DK

• Swing Dance concerts for Int. Swing-society Balboa
• Cherifa Says on the playlist at national radio DR P4
• Club & Café concerts in Copenhagen
• Release of Vocal Gypsy Jazz cd Cafè Django in Denmark
• Copenhagen Jazzfestival

• Vesterlyng/Havnsøe Django Festival
• Recording a vocal Django Reinhardt jazz album for release in 2009.
• Copenhagen Jazzfestival
• Athens, concerts in project ”Roma Journeys”
• Concerts at clubs and venues in DK

• Wundergrund Festival, with electronica pioneer Bjørn Svin and
the danish fashion brand Baum und Pferdgarten.
• Release of the cd Best of Rêve Bohème on Norwegian label Hot Club Records
• Copenhagen Jazzhouse
• Copenhagen Jazzfestival – Water concerts featuring singer Karina Kappel
• Opening of exhibition of French painter André Derain at Statens Museum for Kunst

• Pori Jazz Festival, Finland
• Ribe Jazzfestival
• Copenhagen Jazzfestival
• Winter Jazz 2006. Concerts in Chr. Beboerhus
• Jazz Club Fasching in Stockholm
• Cosmopolite, Oslo, with the project ”Nordic Django All Stars”
• Oslo Django Reinhardt Festival

• Release of second cd Django’s Dream, June 15.
• Concerts at Le QuecumBar London, England
• Copenhagen Jazzfestival
• Odense Jazzfestival
• Tunø Festival
• Riverboat Jazzfestival
• Viking jazzfestival, Roskilde

• Pori Jazz Festival, Finland
• Holland Hot Club Jazz Festival 2004
• Holland Rijswiik International Django Reinhardt Festival 2004
• Jazz party festival in Lund, Sweden
• Django Tribute. Rêve Bohème performed and organised a big concert under Copenhagen Jazz festival wisth 500 people featuring international Gypsy Jazz stars like Popy Basily, Poulus Schäfer and Danish jazz stars like Pierre Dørge, Jacob Fischer, Kristian Jørgensen
• River Boat Jazz Festival

• 50th anniversary of Django’s death. Rêve Bohème worked as co-founder of the “Hot Club Copenhagen – Django Reinhardt Society Denmark”.
• Performed at ”scene ouvert” at Django Reinhardt Festival at Samois sur Seine, Paris
• German Django Festival at Wilhelmshafen
• Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Django Tribute with Rêve Bohème and Basily from Holland
• River Boat Jazz Festival
• Havnsøe Jazz festival

• Release of the debut album Django Jalousie
• Performed at the international Django Reinhardt jazzfestival at Samois sur Seine, Paris.
• Sweden Django Festival
• German Django Festival at Wilhelmshafen
• Copenhagen Jazzfestival

• Performed at Sweden Django Festival
• Oslo Django Reinhardt Festival 2001
• German Django Festival at Wilhelmshafen
• Copenhagen Jazz Festival

• Copenhagen Jazz Festival
• School-concerts presenting Django Reinhardt and Gypsy Jazz in Denmark

• Debutised at the gypsy jazz restaurant Bistro d’Eustache in Paris.