Django Goes North – with Rêve Bohème

Django Goes North! Did the famous French guitarist Django Reinhardt ever play in the North?

Yes, actually Django did visit Denmark back in February 1939 just before the outbreak of World War 2. Obviously Rêve Bohème never had a chance to see the four concerts back in 1939 but the spirit from Django’s music still lives on 77 years after his visit to Denmark.

The inspiration from the guitarplayer Django Reinhardt is the key to Rêve Bohème’s music and characteristic acoustic sound. On their latest album “Django Goes North” (2013) the band have updated the European String Swing with a new repertoire of their own compositions, songs from the American jazz singer tradition, and interpretations of classic rock songs in “Django-style”. Reve Bohème is releasing a new album in 2016 consisting of Django’s compositions and several bebop-standards.

Rêve Bohème debutised at the gypsy jazz restaurant Bistro d’Eustache in Paris, 1999. Since then they have been touring and playing at clubs and festivals all over Europe and performed with many international gypsy jazz artists like Robin Nolan, Andreas Öberg, Jon Larsen, Basily, Paulus Schäfer, Angelo Debarre, Dorado Schmidt..and many others.

The line-up consists of:
Jens Fuglsang (vocal & leadguitar)
Finn Poulsen (harmonica & vocal)
Robert Pilgaard (rhythmguitar)
Jesper Riis (bass)

Rêve Bohème also performs as a trio or as a Quintette with additional rhythm guitarist Peter Zeuthen.